Apple Is ‘Wrapping up” Development of Mixed Reality Headset OS in Advance of 2023 Launch

Appel’s mixed reality headset is a rumor that has been around for many years. It could finally come to fruition sometime in 2023. Today’s Bloomberg report shows that Apple continues to hire for AR and VR teams, including new hires as well as the recruitment of an ex-Apple engineer who left the company last year…


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His Power On newsletter has the latest edition. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman outlines some of the areas Apple will be focusing on as it approaches its potential 2023 release.

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Gurman first says that Gurman is wrapping up the internal development of the first version of the operating system that will run on the mixed reality headset, codenamed Oak. It “should be ready for next year’s new hardware,” Gurman states.

Despite the fact that Apple has significantly reduced its hiring in the face of wider economic uncertainty, the company continues to be open to people interested in joining the teams developing mixed-reality headsets and other AR/VR technologies. Apple continues to make improvements to the team that is working on the headset. This group is known as the “Technology Development Group” or simply TDG.

Apple has posted a few job listings that indicate it is increasing its content-building efforts. Apple is looking for a software producer who has experience in creating digital content for augmented and virtual reality environments.

These listings indicate that Apple plans to create a video service that will allow the headset to play 3D content in virtual reality.

Apple’s job listings emphasize the fact that Apple wants third-party apps to be integrated into its mixed-reality headset. Apple is seeking engineers to work on its App Intents framework and help create and implement solutions for Shortcuts and Search.

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