Video Game Room Design Ideas to “Level up” Your Gaming Space

Your video game room is not only about the best equipment. The right decorations and themes will inspire you to look beyond the prize, from a comfy chair to mood lighting to leave players stunned. BlissLights has put together this guide for you if you are looking for ideas to create a video game room.


How to set up your gaming room

These steps will help you make your video gaming room idea a reality.

Make sure your setup fits in your room. If your room is small, you might not be able to fit an over-sized desk or jumbo monitors in it. Don’t limit yourself if your space is limited to a computer chair, high quality speakers and a high resolution monitor. If you are inviting friends over, leave at least somespace.

Do not skimp on your speakers. Listening to the footsteps of enemy players in immersive role-playing games takes you right into that game. You might not be able to hear the other players in the game, whether they are hunting you down or trying to grab your resources. Wireless speakers can provide high quality sound without clogging up your room.
Enjoy a comfortable gaming chair. Your gaming experience is not just about the game itself. It’s about how you feel as you play. You might feel tired, sore, or hunched over if your chair doesn’t provide enough support for your neck, back, and arms.

You don’t have to limit your experience to a PC screen. A projector or large monitor might give you more detail. The projector is ideal for gaming on a PC or console such as Xbox, Nintendo, or PlayStation. The latter is perfect for any game room. Projector screens are much more flexible than monitors, so you can experience your game at any scale. Projectors can be directed at any wall or jumbo-screen, so you don’t have to use a big table.

Keep the cables and cords hidden. High-tech gaming rooms often require a variety of cables and cords for power and interconnection. Although they are necessary, these wires can create a cluttered appearance and make the room unwelcoming. To make your space safer and more pleasing to the eye, hide these cords behind your consoles or under rugs. To keep cables out of your sight, you can use cable management tools such as ties or covers.

Video Game Room Ideas
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