AI-Powered Robotics is Entering a New Era

Many people were disappointed by the demo of the AI-enabled Optimus robot at Tesla’s AI Day. One reviewer cleverly called his article “Sub-Optimus.” But these views miss the point. Elon Musk is an extraordinary genius who can sense timing and opportunities, apply technology, and provide resources.


Optimus’ engineering team is enthusiastic and high-quality. However, full production will take longer than expected (3 to 5 years). If successful, Optimus could introduce personal robots to the mainstream within a decade.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

A sibling Optimus could become as common in shops and factories in 2032 as Tesla today, even though it was initially costly at $20,000 In 10 years, humanoid robotic could become commonplace in everyday life, at home, in restaurants, stores, and in warehouses or in home and health care settings.

Artificial Intelligence: Interacting With Robots

This vision shows the concept of an “artificial friend”, an emotionally intelligent android, as depicted by Kazuo Inougo in Klara, and the Sun. Ted Chiang, in The Lifecycle of Software Objects, described “digients”, which is short for “digital entities”) as well. Digients, artificial inteintelligencet are created in a digital world, can be downloaded to physical robots so that they can interact and communicate with humans.

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The key to successful robot implementation seems to be people’s ability to interact with the robot. Will Jackson, founder and CEO of Engineered Art, believes that this is the key to successful robot implementation. He recently stated: “The true killer app for a humanoid robotics device is people’s desire to interact with it.”

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