Researchers Comment that Chinese-made GPS Device Has Cyberattack Risks

Security experts warn that a popular Chinese-made automobile tracking device poses a serious threat to cyberattacks.

Cyberattacks are attacks on or through a computer system. People around the world use the device manufactured by MiCODUS in Shenzen to prevent their cars from being stolen.

automobile tracking device

BitSight, a U.S-based cybersecurity company, has reported that the system contains severe software vulnerabilities.

Security researchers believe that the issues could allow attackers to remotely take control of vehicles via the tracking device. BitSight reported that this could allow attackers to seize control of the vehicle or cut off fuel while it is still moving.


BitSight claims that the MV720 costs less than $25. 

Researchers recently released a press release urging users to discontinue using the device until the vulnerability is fixed. BitSight’s report was issued by a U.S. government agency , which also detailed the device’s vulnerabilities.

BitSight stated to The Associated Press that it tried to contact representatives from MiCODUS since September in order to discuss security risks it had identified. These attempts failed, it said. BitSight reported that the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, an American agency, was also involved in the investigation of the device. It joined efforts to communicate with MiCODUS back in April.

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