AI Program Predicts How The “Last” Selfies Will Look on Earth

These images depict deformed people with long fingers and large eyes. One image shows a man staring at the camera maniacally as an explosion erupts over his shoulder. Another depicts a terrifying skeletal figure that is surrounded by smoke plumes.


One TikTok user responded, “OK no more sleep,”

Another surmised, “That’s exactly what it’s going be.”

One user suggested that one of the images looked real, while others said that the future could be more disturbing than we think.

“Average day in Ohio,” one person quipped.

Some claimed that the images showed the aftermath of a nuclear attack, but the account had entered a “selfie at the end of the universe” into the AI generator.

Another post featured more disturbing scenes with several mutilated characters in an abandoned war-torn hellscape. The disturbing creation even featured one bloodied eye.

“Moving? One commenter said, “Moving? “Like it wasn’t scary enough.”

Another joked that “School will continue to be open”

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