Securing Edge Of The Transformation Journey

As organizations prepare for the future, demand for edge computing is growing. Enterprises must overcome significant hurdles to realize the potential of edge computing.

Digital transformation is a growing trend among companies, often driven by the innovations enabled by edge computing. Businesses are becoming more aware of the limitations of cloud computing and legacy systems, and looking for edge devices to access data, streamline operations and run complex workloads in an agile, fast, and resilient manner.

transition must navigate

This is the story that the data supports. Recent estimates predict that there will be 27 million connected IoT devices in 2025 ( IoT analytics 2022). Strong demand is driven by strong demand from certain sectors such as retail, telco and manufacturing, where advanced automation and optimized supply chains have had a significant impact. Industry 4.0 is not a trendy term; it’s happening now.

However, there is still much to be done.

Running applications at the edge: The challenges

Enterprises must overcome three major obstacles to realizing their Edge vision in these environments. These hurdles go beyond the inherent complexity of containerized workloads.

Customers face the greatest challenge when scaling up. The challenges faced by customers in edge environments are much greater than those encountered in traditional businesses. If we look at the automotive industry, we see that a car is itself a computer. Every compute event occurs in the car and not in a central location.

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