Mark Zuckerberg Has A Warning for You: Instagram Feed Is about Get Even Worse

You’d be wrong to believe that Instagram will change its strategy after hearing these complaints. Zuckerberg stated that Instagram plans to increase the number of Instagram content recommendations by AI during a conference call with investors. This means that you will see more posts from accounts and people you don’t know.


According to Meta’s CEO Meta, 15% of Instagram users see recommendations. This number should rise to over 30% by the end of next years. This is contrary to what Instagram users want, but the company seems not to care.

Instagram should cease trying to be TikTok

Instagram’s situation has become so complex that even celebrities Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and others made a plea to Instagram asking them to “stop trying to mimic TikTok.” Adam Mosseri responded with a video which basically confirms that Instagram will continue to invest resources in TikTok features.

This is a natural move as TikTok’s popularity has grown significantly while Instagram and Facebook have not. Meta’s Q2 FY2022 Results were slightly lower than expected, with revenue of $28.82 million instead of $28.94 million. It currently has 1.97 Billion active users per day, which is still quite impressive.

Meta executives mentioned during the call that they are working to deliver online ads with fewer user data as a result of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency. Zuckerberg stated earlier this year that Meta had been reorganizing its advertising structure to target iOS users.

Meta shares dropped by more than 33% since the announcement, as investors are disappointed in the company’s direction.

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