Tom Hanks, the Famed Nepo Dad, Gets Defensive about Son Appearing in His New Movie

Tom Hanks seemed to get heated about the “nepo child” controversy in an interview with Reuters. (video via The Sun below, published earlier this week).

A “nepo-baby” is a buzzy term for children of famous celebrities. It refers to those children who have become well-known partly because of their parents’ fame. In December, New York Magazine declared 2022 ” the Year of The Nepo Baby”.


Hanks spoke to Reuters about “A Man Called Otto”, which featured a few family members. Per The Hollywood Reporter, he co-produced the film along with Rita Wilson. Rita also wrote the script and sang an original song.

Hanks plays the role of the titular Otto, while Truman Hanks plays the younger Otto in flashback sequences

Hanks (above) says “Look, this business is a family one,” in the video. This was apparently in response to his son appearing in his film. “This is what our family has been doing for years. It’s where all our children grew up.”

He said, “If we owned a plumbing business or ran a florist shop down the street we would all be working at least some of the time, even if it was inventory at the end.”

Even though nepotism is still present in the employment of family members to run your florist or plumbing business, the actor didn’t end his tirade.

Tom Hanks
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