Harvey Weinstein Sentenced to 16 Years Following Rape Conviction.

Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to 16 year imprisonment, effectively meaning that the ex-Hollywood mogul and convicted rapper will spend his life behind bars .

Weinstein was sentenced in downtown Los Angeles on Thursday morning. This occurred nearly two years after his Los Angeles trial, which concluded with a jury convicting of him on three counts each of rape or sexual assault.


Weinstein has already been sentenced to 23 years in New York for his 2020 convictions of sexual assault and rape. The judge ordered Weinstein to continue his L.A. sentence after New York on Thursday.

Weinstein addressed Judge Lisa B. Lench before he was sentenced. Weinstein stated, “I maintain my innocence.”

Weinstein stated, “This is about money. They are coming after me.” Please don’t send me to prison for life. It’s not right for me… There are many problems with this case. There is no evidence… It is a set up… I beg for mercy.”

Mark Werksman, Alan Jackson and Weinstein led the defense. They asked for three years in prison. Werksman stated that Weinstein is a 70-year old man in poor health. “He had a rich, productive and full life. He was a father to five children… He is now the voice of disembodied on the phone.”

Weinstein’s attorney stated that Weinstein is a father and has health issues

Werksman was very proud of Weinstein’s contributions to the entertainment industry and urged the judge to acknowledge his achievements. “Mr. Werksman stated that Weinstein did a lot for many people over a 50 year career. “He produced hundreds upon thousands of films that were a joy for millions of people… He was a man many movie stars would be grateful to in their Oscar speeches… He generously donated to charities and political causes.”

Weinstein was accompanied by his lawyers when the judge sentenced him to 16 years imprisonment for the three charges upon which he was found guilty. Lench stated that “These are difficult decisions to make but this is my choice.”

Weinstein was convicted of all three charges relating to Jane Doe #1. Jane Doe is a European model who claimed she was raped at Mr. C Hotel by Weinstein after the L.A. Italia Film Festival 2013.

Harvey Weinstein Could Go Free
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