Millie Bobby Brown Sparks Pregnancy Rumor after Some Fans Misunderstand the Latest Instagram Video

Many ultrasound images will have a black background with bright, usually, blue-tinted light shining on the baby.

Brown’s video is primarily black, with the exception of waves of brightly colored organic shapes. A quick glance could make it look like an ultrasound.

She didn’t like her romantic caption, “I swear that I’ve never loved u more,” which is a quote from “Paradise”, Bazzi. The clips can be listened to in conjunction with the video.

Many of their followers posted comments in an attempt to find out if others made the same mistake.

One fan wrote: “Why the heck did I think she was pregnant?” Some people were shocked by the comment. Others shared their thoughts.

Another person shared their thoughts and commented, “For a second, I thought that the thumbnail was an ultrasound of FETUS… Am I the only one on this?” It scared me fr.


Someone responded, “I was finding comments about this thank you God I’m another one.”

Everyone was wrong, and Brown was simply taking in the beauty while the rest of the video shows Brown and his wife enjoying an envy-inducing vacation.

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