Meet the USA Today’s Women of the Year: Nina Garcia, Kamala Harris, and Simone Biles

Inspiring the Women of Today! 

While these women have different stories, each of their journeys is so inspiring that you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from being motivated. Starting with our incredible Vice President Kamala Harris, who became not only the first female VP of the country but also the first black south Asian person to hold the position.


Her influential persona has just one message to the women out there. “You are strong.” She often considers the women around her for forming a greater impact on who she is at present! Our outstanding Vice president has dedicated her career to bringing change and fighting justice. 

Next, we have Nina Garcia, the first-ever Latina to run a well-known fashion magazine in the US. Born in Colombia, Garcia is extremely encouraging to the woman population. 


Her dominance and role in Elle clearly uplift all the Latinos around the world. Besides, her words for today’s women are so inspiring. Earlier, when she received the CFDA fashion award, Garcia talked about her responsibilities and duties.

She said:

Now, more than ever, it’s vital to use our platform to tell stories that uplift other women and have conversations that may not be as comfortable. We will have to be bold, we will have to be brave, and we will have to bring a new era of fashion, transparent, responsible, and representative.”

With her words, it’s clear how she wants to empower today’s women through transparency and symbolic fashion!

Speaking about other influential women on the list, both Simone Biles and Melinda French Gates were sheer examples of woman power. While Biles ensured rational fitness in the sports industry, Melinda French Gates was phenomenal with her contributions in handling the pandemic and influencing women. 

Talking about females, Gates said:

“I think so often society puts things on women, puts things on people of color, and you don’t see those role models in those high positions – a woman or a person of color – so you don’t have to have something to look up to.”

A young man looks up, and he sees in any industry, he sees other men. He sees three dozen different archetypes of men. And he says, ‘I don’t want to be like that guy, but I want to be like that guy.’ We don’t have that as women.”

Heading to an Impactful Future

Regardless of being from different industries, all these women had one motive in their mind, i.e., making the upcoming women population even stronger. With the support and encouragement of these ladies, we might surely witness an impactful future for today’s females! However, this year, USA today’s women of the year list was absolutely commendable.  

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