Russian space agency threatens Elon Musk after Ukraine gets internet

Rogozin says that Elon Musk was involved in providing military communications to the Ukrainian fascist forces. “And for this, Elon will have to answer in an adult manner, regardless of how foolhardy you may pretend.”


Officials claim that Starlink gives Ukrainian forces an advantage in responding to drone attacks. The nation is fighting back with technology to track down the invading Russians.

As he does so often, the billionaire replied with his tongue in his cheek.

Musk, who is trying to buy Twitter, tweeted that “The word ‘Nazi” doesn’t mean everything he seems it to mean.”

He added, “If I die in mysterious circumstances it’s nice to know you.”

Many Musk fans, including his mother Maye Musk, responded to the missive.

Musk’s mother wrote, “That’s not funny,” with some angry-faced emoticons to accompany it.

‘Sorry! Musk responded, “Sorry!


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