Goodboi! This Light-Up Robot Puppy Is Sure Cute

The puppy is then brought to life through a “minting” process, where children pet it and play with them, slowly revealing their individual personality. WowWee says that some dogs will always be hungry while others may be more playful or shy.


Dogs can be trained to give kisses, tricks and talk by using text and emojis whenever they wag their tails

One of the prototypes was on display at a press conference this week, and I had a lot of fun with it. Dog-E nuzzled my hand when I touched its head. It was small and lightweight with a soft touch. The robot dog didn’t feel heavy or bulky like other toys that I have tried.

What would Dog-E be liked by my children? Their desire to have a dog has been there for years. However, they live in a tiny apartment in New York City. They would be happy with a Dog-E. Although it is unlikely, I can imagine my 8-year old playing with this for at least a few minutes.

Preorder Now Dog-E on the company’s Website. It will be available online as well as at retailers by the holiday season in 2023. The website currently suggests that it ship in September 2023.

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